Best 10 Behind the Scenes Facts From Bridgerton

Best 10 Behind the Scenes Facts From Bridgerton

Best 10 Behind the Scenes Facts From Bridgerton

Welcome Back and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 behind-the-scenes facts about Bridgerton .

for this list we’ll be looking at interesting insider info about this popular Netflix original have you seen bridgeton yet let us know in the comments.

Best 10 Behind the Scenes Facts From Bridgerton

number 10  Honda rhimes is behind it shonda rhimes who created shows like rey’s anatomy scandal and the way to urge away with murder is listed as an executive producer for bridgerton but she actually had a way more significant role.

rhymes encouraged long-time professional collaborator chris van dusen to read julia quinn’s book series and consider adapting it for the screen . Van duzen went on to make this netflix original and therefore the refore the rest is history.

Best 10 Behind the Scenes Facts From Bridgerton

While rhymes might not be a part of the show’s day-to-day production the whole thing was her idea and shondaland fans will surely find similarities between this and the creator’s other shows.

Number 9 the cast attended regency camp bridgeton is about in 1813 in regency London therefore the cast needed many draining before they were ready for his or her period roles.

In fact they spent a full six weeks at a regency camp where they learned about the heiress history also as practical skills like riding dancing and in fact etiquette.

Their trainers clearly did an honest job because it’s hard to imagine the actors from the show actually existing within the modern-day seeing them without their period clothes and hairstyles is certainly a touch jarring.

number 8 Nicola Cochlin worked at an optometrist nicola cochlin who plays Penelope featherington on the show was living a really normal life just three years before being cast within the role.

While bridgette isn’t her first major part she features a memorable starring role in dairy girls she’s still new acting professionally.

It wasn’t way back that she had employment at an optometrist’s office quote she said that she used to be the girl who tells you when your eye test is due she says I used to practice my autograph on the letters.

Understandably she’s still pretty shocked at where she ended up saying quote I walk around a day going i can not believe I am a part of a shonda rhime show on netflix.

number 7  the show’s two main families are inspired by the kennedys and kardashians will hughes jones who is that the show’s production designer told glamour that the aesthetics of the bridgerton & featherington families were inspired by two famous american families he compares them to the kennedys and therefore the refore the kardashians with the bridgetons representing the previous and the featheringtons the latter.

This will be seen represented in their respective sorts of dress with the bridgetons wearing pale muted hues in reminder blue and green and and the featheringtons wearing increasingly gaudy ensembles in every episode.

number 6 The cast became real-life friends following the six-week regency camp and another six months of shooting bridgeton’s cast had many time to urge to understand each other .

Jonathan bailey who plays Anthony vi count bridgerton the oldest of the bridgerton boys gives credit to the assembly team for casting a gaggle of actors who had tons in common.

Best 10 Behind the Scenes Facts From Bridgerton

he said quote I feel it’s testament to shondaland that they managed to cast people that appeared like an identical kind of tribe and everybody really did get on.

He also shared with cosmo that the cast have a what’s app group that they’ve wont to stay in-tuned since filming wrapped in February of 2020.

number 5 actors had to warn their families about the sex scenes if you’ve seen the show you recognize it features some steamy scenes that you simply might not want to observe with relations even the members of the cast had to work out the way to handle this with their own families.

Jonathan bailey for one recommended that his 90 year old grandmother read the books the series is predicated on before watching the show in order that she’d know what to expect.

number 4 the furniture was custom made while much attention has been paid to the style on the show the set pieces deserve some love too.

The production designers for bridgerton took a special approach when creating the sets for this era drama.

Best 10 Behind the Scenes Facts From Bridgerton

Show features quite 250 sets yet they’re almost entirely provided with custom made pieces they also opted for a brighter aesthetic than viewers are wont to seeing in tv shows and films set within the 19th century with the candy colored sets feeling fresh and modern instead of many years old.

number 3 the locations may look familiar a number of the sets in bridgerton may look a touch familiar and that is not simply because of the regency decor.

Several of English houses used for filming the show have appeared in other major historical productions as an example hatfield house in hertfordshire which features in several episodes of the series was used as a location within the favorite and rebecca.

we also get scenes that were shot at wilton house which may be seen in another netflix production the crown it had been previously used for the 2005 adaptation of pride and prejudice standing certain Pemberley.

number 2 They used an intimacy coordinator for the sex scenes the utilization of an intimacy coordinator is becoming increasingly popular on major film and tv sets to make sure all the performers feel safe and cozy , while shooting sensitive content.

elizabeth lizzie talbott worked on the show and is certified by intimacy directors and coordinators.

number 1 the creator wants a second season while a second season of bridgerton has yet to be confirmed at the time of writing one key figure is invested in making it happen.

Best 10 Behind the Scenes Facts From Bridgerton

The show’s creator chris van dusen told cosmo that since the book series focuses on all of the bridgerton children and therefore the first season of the show only had time to actually hone in on daphne’s story it might be only natural to continue the series and expand its scope.

Best 10 Behind the Scenes Facts From Bridgerton On Growth Of Cinema

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