Top 10 fittest Actors of Bollywood

Top 10 fittest actors of Bollywood

Top 10 fittest actors of Bollywood

We’ve prepared an inventory of  Top 10 actors in Bollywood who we believe are killing it when it involves fitness. Not only is it hard to stay up with the strain of sinking movies, the actors even have to require optimum care of themselves in order that they can look good at all times.

Hrithik Roshan

Top 10 fittest actors of Bollywood

The Uber fit actor lost 10.5 kgs within 10 weeks, in conjunction with 3 inches from his waistline, without putting himself through any diets or starvation, so on convince his fans that becoming fit isn’t as hard as they think it’s .

He followed a diet plan that consisted mainly of proteins and fibrous foods, in conjunction with taking multi-vitamins.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan was the 1st Bollywood actor who actively promote fitness in actors on-screen. He follows a workout regime that’s frequently cycles between Bandra and Panvel , making the 50 km trip in 3 hours is superb .

He’s famous for doing 2000 sit-ups and 1000 push ups a day , with extra 2 hour long workouts, of which 1 hour is reserved for Cardio. His focus is on weight training and avoids food or foods that have added sugar in them.

Shah Rukh

Shah Rukh follows a strict diet schedule, with abundant weight training, and perpetual work on his abs, sometimes quite 4 times hebdomadally . Also, he does Cardio of about 30-60 minutes a day , in conjunction with protein drinks after each workout.

In his daily life you can see he eats carbs that are high in fiber and tries his best to avoid fried food, and foods with added sugar and alcohol.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar has almost every good habit that one can consider . He doesn’t drink or smoke, always focuses on his training as naturally as possible through his own weight , martial arts and adventure sports, in conjunction with other things that he adds in his schedule so on avoid monotony in work outs.

He always prefers hand-crafted cooked food over anything and should be an honest cook himself. He sleeps so early and leads a disciplined life.

Farhan Akhtar

Top 10 fittest actors of Bollywood

His movie choices sometimes require him to stay to a really strict diet, like for Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, that he cycled, went for swimming, played football and stair running for five to six hours in at some point .

Farahan was asked to strictly avoid processed foods and choose fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein and egg whites instead. Also he avoid had to the junk food, alcohol, rice and bread and try to eat healthy home cooked food.

Arjun Rampal

Unlike other fitness enthusiasts, he discourages lifting heavy weights, but prefers activities that rest on stamina, like Cardio and other sports.

He also believes within the spiritual aspects of fitness, where he focuses on the need to urge in-tuned with the body, but also spends a minimum of 1 hour within the gym a day .

Sidharth Malhotra

Sidharth Malhotra is an great actor changes his workout regime frequently to prevent boredom and particularly enjoys Cardio combined with weight training.

Sometime he drinks alcohol in parties and prefers lean protein like fish and chicken and vegetables and fruits. Although he likes to play football, Also one thing that told from his twitter that he hates to push his body beyond its limits.

Varun Dhawan

You can see whenever we take his name Girls got crazy be the mere mention of this actor. he’s handsome and quite hot, but he’s also an idea for many people everywhere the planet otherwise you can say globe, Once upon a time he was also an overweight boy.

However, he decided to need back the reins of his life and found out , practiced his dancing skills, and today we’ve the chocolate boy with rock hard abs, as we all know him to be.

John Abraham

Top 10 fittest actors of Bollywood

It is impossible to skip out on John Abraham if we are talking about health and fitness. he’s a simple man, who doesn’t indulge much in anything, follows a disciplined life and is not attached to anything materialistic except his bikes and his fitness.

He wakes up early within the morning to remain up along side his workout schedule and is known to remain a check on his co actors food intake too.

Ranveer Singh

Top 10 fittest actors of Bollywood

Not only does the actor wish to remain fit with one and a half hour long workouts a day , he’s also particularly keen on swimming and running so on keep a healthy state of mind.

The actor Ranveer enter into Bollywood which we are still feeling it after effects, because the actor gives hit after hit and keeps a check on what he eats and his workouts so on lookout of the recent body that he shows off altogether his films.

Top 10 fittest Actors of Bollywood On Growth Of Cinema

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