Top 10 Godzilla vs Kong Moments

Top 10 Godzilla vs Kong Moments

Top 10 Godzilla vs Kong Moments

Welcome back guys!!! today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 moments from Godzilla vs Kong.

If you were looking for monster vs monster action then the movie is definitely worth it watching.

Godzilla destroys apex base

Whenever a new shady organization pops up in one of these movies we are instantly suspicious and apex.

cybernetics is no exception keen to their villainy titan conspiracy theorist and podcaster bernie hayes infiltrates the organization’s compound in pensacola florida and gets to snooping.

Just as he thinks he’s found something godzilla makes his presence known in a big way the titular kaiju lays.

Absolute waste to the facility making us wonder. If he’s suddenly broken bad still we get the sense that he’s after something.

And bernie gets a taste of that as he spots a suspicious glowing orb in the wreckage at that point he could only imagine the devastation that was to come.

Throne room Skirmish

Godzilla destroys apex base

Upon leading the apex team through the hollow earth kong discovers a throne room that his ancestors.

Created and ruled from complete with an ancient axe made from the bones of another godzilla-like creature kong .

Subsequently unleashes the energy buried within the earth much to the delight of apex and to the displeasure of godzilla.

Mechagodzilla Lives

Top 10 Godzilla vs Kong Moments

Mechagodzilla being in this movie wasn’t one of the best kept secrets but we have to admit we were giddy.

when he finally came online after our titan truthers are unwittingly shuttled from the apex base in florida to the one in hong kong.

along with some skull crawler eggs they discover something.

Truly terrifying they find themselves smack dab.

In the middle of mecca godzilla’s launch facility where apex uses a grown skull crawler as a warm-up test.

mechagodzilla may have saved our heroes from being swallowed up but he shows his true menace when he completely eviscerates the creature.

That gave kong a run for his money two movies ago.

Mechagodzilla may be new to the fight but he is here to slay.

Jia comforts kong

Top 10 Godzilla vs Kong Moments

In a scene reminiscent of kong’s interactions with the Andero character in his original adventures.

As a fettered and sedated kong is being transported to antarctica aboard a large ship gia goes out to comfort him in the rain in one of the film’s most iconic images.

Young girl Jia connects to the titular ape in a way not many ever could.

she reaches out and touches his giant finger in a moment of sympathy.

Not only that but their Bond reveals kong’s ability to communicate with her through sign language.

Mechagodzilla takes over

Top 10 Godzilla vs Kong Moments

As apex soon learned playing with the remains of an evil kaiju ishiro serazawa.

Probably wasn’t a good idea in a desperate bid to reclaim humanity’s spot as the world’s apex predator.

That’s why they’re called that ceo walter simmons utilizes the remaining ghidorah skull to power the neural link between mechagodzilla and ren serazawa.

The trouble is something goes wrong with the connection and mechagodzilla gains autonomy making sure.

power-hungry villain reaps what he sews mechagodzilla wipes out his creator with one fell swoop.

Sarazawa is subsequently fried and suddenly we’ve got something on the loose much more dangerous than godzilla.

Home sweet hollow earth

Top 10 Godzilla vs Kong Moments

Following the climax of the film kong is finally able to hang it up and reclaim dominion over the hollow.

Earth reflective of the first scene that saw kong go about his morning routine on skull island the final sequence shows him now free.

To do as he pleases while still being lovingly looked after by doctors nathan lind and eileen andrews.

He signs home to Jia before swinging into action and the final shot shows kong letting out a roar that symbolizes.

He’s finally free we don’t know if legendary plans to continue with the franchise but a kong hollow earth movie would be super cool.

Battle At Sea

Top 10 Godzilla vs Kong Moments

An aircraft carrier did not disappoint interrupting apex’s voyage to antarctica with kong is the great kaiju himself.

When the trailer for godzilla vs kong dropped we were so ready for the first confrontation and their showdown on and around.

kong holds his own but proves to be at a severe disadvantage out in the open water godzilla tries to capitalize.

Eventually he’s able to drag kong down to the briny depths desperate to save kong the human team distracts godzilla.

Long enough for kong to resurface fearing a godzilla counter-attack the humans feign defeat by powering down.

letting godzilla leave thinking he’s won he might have taken this round but kong will rebound for sure.

Journey to the hollow earth

Top 10 Godzilla vs Kong Moments

One of the most refreshing aspects of godzilla vs kong were definitely its vibrant visuals. They are on full display in the scene leading the apex team down the antarctic tunnel.

kong swings his way down until a portal of sorts shoots them the rest of the way to the hollow earth.

there we’re presented with a lush and almost prehistoric landscape one that kong’s ancestors called home.

It isn’t long though until kong and the gang are greeted by the region’s dominant species.

Though nearly suffocated kong gains the upper hand and shows he’s here to stay .

He celebrates with a refreshing batch of little intense kong don’t you think.

Kong smackdown

Own this is the heavyweight smackdown we were promised and it more than delivered kong emerges from the hollow earth.

Kong has to go on the run from godzilla’s atomic breath.

With one foot pinning the ape to the ground they each let out a roar in one of the film’s best shots, with kong’s heart rate slowing godzilla leaves him to his fate.

But he’s ultimately able to use his axe to absorb it and deal godzilla some serious punishment.

Down but never out godzilla shakes it off and re-enters the fight and this time he gets the better of kong.

Godzilla and Kong vs Mechagodzilla

Top 10 Godzilla vs Kong Moments

We weren’t sure how mechagodzilla was going to keep pace seeing as his classic appearances portray him as rather well.

Mechanical but he absolutely owns here laying the smackdown on his organic counterpart where they need kong to intervene linden company.

Also managed to use the energy apex harvested from the hollow earth to give him.

A kickstart kong takes a crack at mechagodzilla himself.

But he too is overwhelmed it isn’t until godzilla uses his atomic breath to charge Kong’s axe.

The mechanical monstrosity having saved the day the two titular titans acknowledge each other.

Before going their separate ways sure to meet again and we cannot wait for that day to come.


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Top 10 Godzilla vs Kong Moments On Growth Of Cinema


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