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English Vinglish(2012)

The story also has a touch of inspiration in the way Shashi (Sridevi) is determined to learn English but there is also a true motherly touch at the same time that more than anything else, her family is above all for her. All the characters have performed so well that it left a smile on my face.

The movie is very thought provoking and leaves and impact on how we treat our mothers at home or what and how much respect do we pay to housewives.

English vinglish

It’s truly upset to see people being belittled for their inability to speak English and this is prevalent among Indians today and its painful to see this attitude being emulated even in own home. Sridevi’s character as the meek humble home maker with a small business melted the hearts of viewers.

At the end her disapproving daughter and husband were finally able to reconcile with her which was the highlight of the film for me. It teaches us that every person is equally worthy of respect despite their differences and circumstances and we need to be respectful of that.

3 Idiots(2009)

‘Three Idiots” is an amazing film that really impressed us of how good Bollywood films can be. Our emotions throughout the film was like a roller coaster, going from sad to jubilant in a matter of seconds. You mainly recommend this film to anyone who is unsure of watching a Bollywood film, yet I also recommend this film to every other person in the entirety of the earth.

The producers of the movie expressed some amazing scenery of the mountainous landscape of Ladakh. These scenes were taken with various different camera angles such as high angle, crane and parallax shots. This is the one of best movie in Bollywood who got 100% Rotten Tomatoes.  Fantastic scenes were ingeniously used to infer that a happy and exiting moment was to come.

You felt as though the film was very educational in the way that it tries to spread awareness and teach the viewers of the increasing risk of the school system related suicides in India. The mood of this film changes rapidly from joyous to depressing to comedic etc.

3 Idiots is the Bollywood movie Directed by Rajkumar Hirani considered one of the greatest film of Bollywood. This film was shot in Mumbai, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, Banglore, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, Woodville Palace Hotel, Indira Gandhi International Airport, and IIM Campus in India.


Hrithik Roshan amzing performance and Farhan Akhtar’s breath-taking direction with Christopher Popp’s award winning cinematography make it one of the most engaging Bollywood titles of the 2000s. Journey of Karan Shergil , from a direction youngster to a patriotic officer in the Indian Army is one that touches fans heart each time.

One of rare movies which depicts army life in real sense with over exaggeration and its more than that. A must watch for today’s youth. It teaches you failure doesn’t mean you can never win. A failure helps u to pounce back even harder. Beautifully directed movie and amazing performance by all the actors. Lakshya is way ahead of it’s time.

For youngster this movie like Realising importance of their goals or you can say aim . Hritik Roshan acting and Farhan Akhtar direction are fabulous.

Hrithik Roshan has been always doing unique roles to prove his versatility. He is amazing dancer and now after watching Lakshya, you can say, he is a talented actor as well. The movie have no flaws and truly inspiring. Director Farhan Akhtar have made everything possible to involve the audience.


Lagan is most famous movie of Amir khan in Bollywood . Got more and more energized, in love with the people, the villagers, the battle of the oppressed, the growth of all the villagers through these trials — such a story of struggle and of joy, of petty feelings versus the great human heart in some of the grandest drama.

People LOVED the cast of the villagers, and some of the Brits (Of course some were despicable, true to history.) Fabulous music and dancing and so much more. The patriotic movie is about revealing the Indian culture, customs of villagers along with fabulous music, dance and tells the victory of teamwork with good leadership. The arrogance of the colonialists/racists, and the extraordinary people considered ordinary by the arrogance of empire… You really couldn’t stop watching it!!

Amir khan’s films are never disappointing. Also you got impressed by the attitude of a farmer named Bhuvan (Amir) from the beginning itself and energized from the courage to face the challenge (cricket match against the British team) when everyone of his village turns back and scolds him.

It’s not only a playing cricket, but the struggle against colonialism, racism and untouchability.  So, I hope it will give you a breath taking and nail biting experience till the end. “Amir(Bhuvan) is the one who has faith and courage in his heart shall win in the end”.

Taare Zameen Par(2007)

The film is all about an eight year old boy name Ishaan Awasti (Darsheel Safary) whose world is filled with wonders that no one else seems to appreciate such as colors, stars, fish ,flowers and others animals belongs to nature.

Whenever you watched this movie you cried from core of your heart. Ishaan is a kind of student who suffers from a disease called dyslexia. Due to dyslexia he cannot seem to get anything right at this school as well as later on boarding school. So as results of this disease Ishaan cannot perform well in academics. Whereas his elder brother is excellent in academics.

When he got suffer into more problems then his parents cannot handle him then they decide to packed off to a new boarding school to become disciplined. Soon a new art teacher, Ram Shankar Nikumph ,helps Ishaan to discover his hidden talents . After some time his patience, affection are care recovered Ishaan from the disease. He ultimately helps Ishaan to become completely fine.

Taare Zameen Par is one of the best movie of Amir khan. It is emotional, fun and relays an important message that Every child is special in their own way like Ishann. This is the type of movie whenever you watch you never get bored of.


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