Veronica(2017) :-

The Characters of movies perform from Sandra Escacena (Veronica) and the rest of the children casted in this movie. This movie not only introduce you to the dark side and also show how the spiritual beings can enter in our world, but it also touches on the subject of a teen with so many responsibilities, who had no choice but have to take care of her siblings whilst mother works.

Missing her father, her desperation to make contact with him has dire consequences.
The movie pretty much underlines a spiritual issue but at the same time highlights the difficult situation Veronica is placed in with no one to turn to.

I have watched so many movies with the Ouji board being a basis for the start of a horror story but this one was somewhat different, by far the best I have seen. This movies is full of lots frights, scenes that make you jump, and somewhat emotional.

The movie Veronica wants to tell us about all of her struggles and responsibilities, this character is an example of what some youth are living like in the real world.

This movie can made you feel for Veronica through her perspective and how hurt she was, how much she loved her siblings.

Bird Box(2018):-

Bird Box is an implausible story but filmed dramatically with thrill, suspense and fear every step of the way.
Sandra acting as Malorie does an outstanding role as a mother of one boy and foster of another girl child.
Both the children born in the calamitous days while death claims lives around.

The movie should be looked at symbolically like human beings are blind to many things though not blind folded physically. None of us knows what is in store for us or the future but we live literally blindly till death takes us.

In the movie the death stalks a city and its people commit unnatural suicidal acts or accidents if they go around with their eyes open. The movie has a lot of suspenseful events like murders and suicides. The movie keeps you on edge till last. Don’t look for logic or flaws. Be blind to them.

People stay back in their homes windows papered and shut for fear of seeing death eye to eye. Malorie takes shelter in a house and survives with her two kids.

She blindfolds herself and her two kids to row downstream a long river for nearly three days to reach a safe place where she can hear bird screeches.
Malorie succeeds in completing her river journey through rapids and water falls to finally reach her destination.

The Ritual (2017) :-

The ritual movie follows four college friends on a hiking journey through the Scandinavian wilderness after the tragic and violent death of their best friend a warning during this trip they encounter an ancient evil that stalks their every move forcing them to face the darkness within up.

I honestly love this film to death now this film was honestly just incredible, the monster design gives this film its very own identity as it is unique and damn cool, another positive about this film is that it uses tense build ups of horror and doesn’t use any sort of flashy jump scare.

Which in my opinion is a much better way to project fear into the viewers, keeping them on the edge of their seat as they watch Dom, Hutch, Phil and Luke desperately try to find a way out of the forest they wandered into as a short cut.
It isn’t a film of horror and fear to try and scare others. Once you think about this film more. It’s about overcoming grief and growing stronger emotionally.

I highly recommend this film to any horror film viewer as it is one of the most underrated and unique horror films on Netflix and a horror that I’ve seen.


The story of Apostle movies is a gripping narration though a highly fictional story of a reclusive cult living in an island controlled by a threesome Malcolm, Quinn and Frankie.

It takes place in London 1905 when Thomas returns home he is met with the bad news that his sister has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom by a religious cult with determination in hand he sets out to find his sister on an isolated island owned by the cult where he discovers secrets evil beyond his imagination.

The fiction is said to have taken place in the earliest part of 20th century when some mechanical gadgets have been invented especially for torture !Locomotive trains were transporting people to the island.

The hero of story Thomas goes to bring back his abducted sister Jennifer. What he sees in the island is absolute despotism of the above threesome in the name of a female god standing as a statue at the entrance of island village.

The story is so complicated to narrate but finally Thomas traces his sister and sends her back home in a boat with another islander while he dies on the coast of severe stab wounds . As he gets blessed earlier by the God of the cult, Thomas dies peacefully and merges in the tall grass as he lies.

Little evil(2017) :-

The story Little evil of movies is like all fun and jokes love and family when gary marries the love of his life Samantha but all jokes cease when Gary constantly falls in odd situations around Lucas his new five year old stepson this leads him to believe that Lucas is the spawn of Satan number two may the devil take you this 2018 Indonesian film follows Alfieand.

I’ve watched so many movies with the board being a basis for the start of a horror story but this one was somewhat different, by far the best I’ve seen.

The rest of her family to her father’s old villa after he fell mysteriously ill while on the quest for answers they uncover demonic truths about their family’s past since you made it. You can see in this movie Lots of frights, scenes that make you jump, and somewhat emotional.





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