Top 5 Thor Facts

Top 5 Thor Facts

Top 5 Thor Facts

Welcome back guys!!! You know that we are biggest fan of marvels and today’s we reveling the top 5 facts about character from Marvel is Thor…

Asgardin Diet

Top 5 Thor Facts

The only power Thor seems to lack, is that the ability to stay his shirt on, although we do not blame a man who seems like Chris Hemsworth for showing off.!

Consistent with Hemsworth, he changed his diet to strictly protein so as to realize weight for the role.

We’re guessing as Asgardians aren’t too big on salad.

The Curious case of Donald Black

Top 5 Thor Facts

People who only recognized Thor from the Marvel films, will likely haven’t any idea who Donald Blake is.

Although more thorough fans will know that he’s an important a part of Thor’s history.

Blake acted as a number for Thor during his time on earth, together with his body alternating between Blake and Thor when the necessity arose.

However, a reboot of the character, saw the to become separate entities

The Marvel cinematic universe has avoided this character dynamic, although they did put an easter egg alluding thereto within the first film.

When Thor’s driver’s licence appears with the name, “Dr. Donald Blake”.

Tom Hiddleston Auditioned for Thor

Top 5 Thor Facts

The Marvel cinematic universe has done an outstanding job of adapting the comics for the large screen.

Although some people have criticized the shortage of effective villains, citing Hiddleston’s Loki because the only worthy baddie thus far.

Loki is one among the more memorable characters from the films because of Tom Hiddleston’s phenomenal acting.

But things may are drastically different, if Hiddleston had instead been cast as Thor which is that the role that he initially applied.

Thor First Appeared in same month as spider-man

Top 5 Thor Facts

The 1960′s were a big decade for Marvel, and saw the introduction of several iconic characters.

Thor first appeared within the August issue of “Journey Into Mystery” in 1962. the precise same month that Marvel introduced Spider-Man in “Amazing Fantasy” number 15.

Both heroes would eventually get their own magazine series. and become massive success is for Marvel.

What’s more, it’s possible we may even get to ascertain both characters together on the large screen, within the upcoming, “Avengers, Infinity War” films.

This wasn’t the primary version of Thor in marble

Top 5 Thor Facts

Thor is actually appeared during a little-known Marvel series, called “Venus” within the 1950’s.

Although it wasn’t the character we all know and love today, this series focused on the character “Venus”, supported the Roman goddess of an equivalent name.

He was only one of the many different characters, that were interpretations of mythological figures, including Zeus and Satan.

Thor was Originally Written for DC

Top 5 Thor Facts

One among the founding members of The Avengers, and is one among the foremost recognizable characters within the Marvel Universe.

For DC within the 1950’s, before he and Stan Lee established the character with Marvel.

Therefore the Justice League, the Marvel Universe just wouldn’t be an equivalent without the Norse God of Thunder.

While it might are incredibly cool to ascertain Thor fighting alongside Batman and Superman.

But things are drastically different Jack Kirby admitted that he actually created a version of Thor.

Top 5 Thor Facts On Growth Of Cinema

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