Top 7 Things You Should Know About The Twilight Saga

Twilight Saga

Top 7 Things You Should Know About The Twilight Saga

We know that Twilight films are very popular and Vampire romance movies and Today we’re revealing 7 things you may not know about the Twilight franchise.

  • Franchise the Twilight films are based on the four award-winning and very popular vampire romance novels.

Twilight Saga

Written by Stephenie Meyer the story revolves around teenage girl Bella Swan and are moved to Forks Washington to be with her dad.

the very mysterious vampire Edward Cullen is unexplainably drawn to Bella for most of series handsome werewolf Jacob black competes for Bella’s affection & thus love triangle begins.

  • Vampires the vampires in the Twilight series differ from those and traditional vampire stories in Twilight they are unharmed by garlic holy items or wooden stakes.

Twilight Saga Vampires

They have reflections and are able to venture out in daylight however their skin sparkles like diamonds when hit by the sunlight which is why the Cullen family has chosen Forks Washington.

It is rarely sunny and Forks. the Cullen clam differs from most vampires as they are vegetarians and have renounced the act of drinking human blood.

  • Government and loss in Twilight vampires are ruled by the Volturi they are elite vampires who oversee and regulate the vampire population if their rules are broken they take action and destroy those that don’t obey.

Twilight Saga

They have forbidden the birth of newborn vampires this is to avoid the creation of armies and because new vampires can’t control their thirst and go on a killing spree which draws attention to the vampire population.

It is also a law that humans cannot know about the vampire world Bala’s knowledge puts her and the Cullen clan in constant danger.

  • Werewolves the werewolves in Twilight are the descendants of a shapeshifter intrinsically they will take any form.

Twiligh saga Werewolfs

Though they choose that of a wolf the werewolves are faster than the vampires and to strong and they heal quickly.

  • Series also has developed the wider appeal as its author has been compared with the likes of JK Rowling of the Harry Potter franchise.

Economically Twilight has bolstered the town of forks Washington with over 8,000 fans making the pilgrimage to visit the book setting each month. Top 7 Things You Should Know About The Twilight Saga

  • Future of series Meyer and dozen chapters of a companion book to Twilight which retells the events of the first novel from the perspective of vampire Edward Cullen.


These chapters have been available on our web site for fans to read Maier plans to produce similar pieces that reveal the perspectives of the other main characters.

After new phase of the moon hits theaters fans can expect the movie series to continue with adaptations of the last two novels Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

Top 7 Things You Should Know About The Twilight Saga On Growth Of Cinema

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